OT-LightWatcher:  The 'LightWatcher' data logger is a miniaturized portable data acquisition system that measures and records a unique combination of 12 ambient variables that are important in the study of human performance, of biological rhythms, and of the effect of the environment on biological systems. The miniature device measures and records light irradiance in 5 spectral bands (UV, Red, Green, Blue, IR), acceleration in 3 axis (actimeter), temperature, and barometric pressure.



OT-LimeCam: LimeCam is an integrated, portable multi-sensor optical instrument for the detailed characterization of light installations / assessment of light situations in the application areas road lighting, office lighting, and architecture. The system includes several light sensors, a small spectrometer, a GPS receiver, and a calibrated camera. 


OT-Track:  OT-Track is a modular and extensible software system for video acquisition, motion detection, motion analysis, and tracking of moving targets (e.g., persons, vehicles) in real time. OT-Track provides a robust platform with a variety of functional blocks that are combined as required by the specific application. It features: Standard interfaces to connect to video sources, image pre-processing, several algorithms to detect and analyze motion, target tracking, video recording, database connectivity, scheduling, messaging, remote administration.



OT-TestBattery: The OT neurobehavioral test battery is a software program that includes a computerized questionnaire on self assessments of alertness, mood and well-being measures, a reaction time task (Psychomotor vigilance performance, PVT) and a time estimation Task (TIME).