Wolf Technologieberatung - Object-Tracker (OT) is a technology-oriented company that develops and provides products and services to monitor important variables of the human environment, human behavior, and human performance using


1.  Wearable multi-sensor data recorders, and

2.  Image / video analysis technology.


Application areas:


Life sciences, health:  Studies of biological rhythms, sleep-wake cycles, level of activity, work medicine, shift work, light therapy, fitness, sports, training assistance.


Behavioral analysis:  Monitoring of the activity of individual subjects at work places, monitoring of alertness and fatigue, counting of moving objects (e.g. cars) and subjects, quantification of pedestrian streams, characterization of crowd density and behavior, characterization of customer behavior and trajectories.


Architecture:  Mapping of light installations in the public and private sector, design of natural and artificial lighting schemes, ergonomic design of work places,.


Physical science: Monitoring of the environment, meteorology, stratospheric balloons.